1991 VW Golf GTI

Classic golf GTI

Project Description

Iconic and one of the very first of many 'hot hatches' to appear through the nineteen eighties and nineties. This particular vehicle's proud owner Ken ...... had acquired a set of original BBS alloys, but when he attempted to jack the car up to change the wheels, he discovered that the floor pans and jacking points at the front had become so badly corroded, that the the jack simply vanished into the car when he attempted to jack up. Despite extensive inquiries world wide, Repair panels for this particular area of the golf were no longer made and stocks throughout the world had been exhausted. Ken was eager to keep the car as original as possible, and asked if we could manufacture panels to duplicate exactly the contours and original shape of the floor pan and jacking points. Once we began to clean away years of underseal, we discovered that the inner and outer sills had also corroded away and in need of extensive repair. The corrosion had effected both sides equally, so the cars chassis had been seriously weakened. The photographs below show the repair process and finished result. 

Project Before Pics

Golf GTI Rusty sill ready for repair Golf GTI Rusty sill ready for repair side view Golf GTI Rusty sill with repair sections in place

Project After Pics

Golf GTI Rusty sill repaired and coated with stonechip.