1990 Peugeot 205 GTI

Project Description

Another iconic hot hatch from the early nineties. Back in that era most of the manufacturers pitched in with their own version of a hot hatch, but generally the only two that counted where Fords XR3I, and of course the 205 GTI, Its most likely that you would have at some point owned one or the other?
Our GTI came in with owner and enthusiast Roy. Roy had owned the GTI from new. 8 years previously Roy had taken a job oversea's, but carefully stored the GTI inside ready for his return to the UK. On his return the car wouldnt start, and the brakes had seized on. Roy rang us and asked if we could help. We had the car recovered in to our workshop, and there carried out an appraisal of the work required to get the GTI back on the road. Thanks to Roy's careful storage, the body work had survived its eight year sleep beautifuly, and after a wash and polish, came up as good as new, however some of the mechanical and electrical components had suffered from age and corrosion. For the braking system, all of the required components where easily available. A couple of new calipers, brake fluid change, and discs and pads at the rear had the braking system back in perfect safe condition again, however some of the electrical components had become obsolete and proved a little more difficult to locate. The cars ignition system needed almost everything replacing, many of the copper and alluminium electrical terminals had simply corroded away, including those on the in-tank fuel pump. We shopped around extensively and managed to get the ignition components, a battery and starter motor where no problem, but the fuel pump was proving to be more difficult. Peugeot had sold out of their stocks many years ago, as had manufacturer Bosch,  (Bosch incidentaly did offer to manufacture one for us, but it was going to take three months and at a price more akin to a carribean holiday!) However after much distress and leg work,  the guys at Demon Tweeks saved the day, they supplied us with seperate high performance components from the rally car world. We built up the new pump, refitted it in the tank, turned the key, and almost instantly the GTI ran again! A short road test proved everything in order, and took me right back to my youth, boy can them things shift!

Project Before Pics

Project After Pics