1973 Triumph Stag

Triumph Stag.

Project Description

Here we have a 1973 Triumph Stag, A particular favorite of mine and blast from my past, I served my apprenticeship working on the Triumph range including many Stags. I still think to this day that the Stag driving experinece is one of the most rewarding of all the classic cars from that era.
The Stag had suffered corrosion around the front wing wheelarches and windscreen aperture. Martin the Stags owner had shopped around for new wings, but had found that the wings that where available, where incredibly expensive, so he approached us for a view on permanently repairing the corrosion. we where happy to help!
Repairs involved cutting away all of the corroded metalwork, and remanufacturing metalwork to match the contours and original shape, a few days intricate welding followed by normal filler and paint process achieved the desired result.  We saw this particular process right through to completed paint, and as you can see the results where impressive. Both ourselves and our customer Martin were delighted with the end result.

Project Before Pics


Project After Pics