The Team

We would like to introduce ourselves and share a little of our passion for restoring once great things to their former glory, creating new things to compliment the old, and even adapting new things to satisfy a desire or ambition.

Heading up the crew is John Mills, fifty something, loves to dance and visit the gym as often as his aching joints allow ... With a lifelong passion for cars, vans and motorcycles. A time served mechanic, served his apprenticeship back in the seventies with a Jaguar, Rover Triumph dealership. Following the dealerships unfortunate closure in the early eighties, John set out on his own and has become the go to guy for other local individuals and garages needing welding and refurbishment work. John's garage owning career has now weathered over three decades of economic ups and downs and technology rampages. Now well and truly into his fifties, he seeks out a more civilised and rewarding corner of motor vehicle repair away from the madness of mainstream maintenance! And of course as the author, it goes without saying his craftsmans skills are exemplary! Sadly in recent years it has become very apparent that craftsmen with skills necessary for quality corrosion repair and refurbishment are becoming fewer and rarer.

Next in the motley crew is Dave Newman, A forty something, currently retired rock musician and biker. A time served and experienced panel beater, whom apart from a very brief and short lived foray into the world of heavy earth moving equipment, he has done body and restoration work his entire working life, the whole time spent working for some of the biggest and most prestigious names in the business. Dave now enjoys a top drawer reputation with local companies and individuals who keep him very busy with various projects from American classics, to stetching white vans, to aforementioned elderly aunts Fiesta's! Dave is a great guy, well mannered, enthusiastic and polite, he is passionate about motors, and his repair skills beyond question.... but.... he still wears a foot long pony tail.... what can we say about that? It definitely doesnt effect his ability to breath new life into rusty or bent old metalwork! but you have been warned!

The Old Boys... all well past retirement age, but keeping an experienced hand in! We have Allan keeping us clean and tidy, Joe taking care of supplies and some heavier engineering, Dave Daw, himself a collector of classic cars, and very specialist precision engineer for those difficult engineering challenges.

The Younger element... Cameron, very carefully chosen apprentice, working most of his day in our retail repair. But as previously mentioned, old skills and crafts are rapidly vanishing from the industry, so we believe in teaching both old and new skills keeping traditional repair techniques alive.

Newest member of the Team is Josh, Josh will be taking care of our tyre bay and car sales and preperation, bringing a fresh young meticulous outlook into the way tyres are sold and fitted. For more detail please take a quick look at our tyre page. Josh is also John's son so he has to remain well behaved at all times!

St Helens Motorcare have always promoted the importance of apprenticeships and keeping a supply of new blood coming through the ranks. For many years now training schemes and apprenticeships within the trades became unfashionable, and now as a consequence we find the motor trade, and many other trades suffering a desperate skills shortage. Some old and long established companies are having to close their doors simply because they can not find qualified and skilled trades people to carry out the work. Our youth are the future for all of us and we take their training and proper supervision very seriously.