Refurbish and Repair

We are St Helens Motorcare, a traditional garage that carries out all of the regular aspects of motor vehicle repair and maintenance, We also have a more specific specialism in repair and refurbishment of all manner of automobilia, right through from the very first motor cars, to the high tech creations that are the norm on our roads today.

From our team of staff and associates there is very little to do with metal that we can not do!

  • An engine repair on your 1956 Morris Minor? No problem.
  • Manufacture a new bulk head for your seventy year old vintage classic? No problem.
  • Or maybe just repair a rusty sill on Aunty Mabel's ten year old Ford Fiesta? No Problem!
  • 6 new tyres and a habitation service on your tri axle motorhome? No Problem!

If its made of steel, then we will almost certainly be able to weld it, repair it, restore it, or refurbish it!.

Whilst our combined engineering experince of over 100 years has been gained from automobiles, we are often presented with repairs to objects as diverse as old bicycles, vintage petrol pumps, and even toys!

We will consistently provide top quality friendly service, and always value for money. As enthusiasts ourselves, we can promise to respect and care for your vehicle. You wont find us using your expensive classic or pride and joy as a table for making the tea or a workbench for storing someone else's parts. During those times that your vehicle isn't being worked on, it will be safely stored out of the way under protective sheeting.

Rather than carry out the entire process of refurbishment or restoration, we have chosen to specialise and concentrate on our strengths, we will carry out all necessary processes to both mechanical and bodywork. Bodywork through fillers into first prime, but paintwork, trim and upholstery, we prefer to pass to craftsmen who are specialists in those areas.